Our Shea & Care is a 100% pure unrefined organic skin care. It is unprocessed and therefore its natural effects can be preserved, as no solvents or chemicals have been added.

Fairer Traded

» From our perspective, Fairer Traded means achieving high quality by sustainability and transparency

True sustainability implies for us to pay higher prices and to negotiate free, fair and directly with the Women Association. In other words we refrain from intermediate agents, who pay lower prices to the farmers in order to make money themselves. Thus, our policy leads to financial and social security of the Women Association.


Participation in the revenues enable the women to improve the living conditions of their family sustainably.


As a consequence our partner participates directly from revenues generated in his country of origin.


This way a long term partnership can be encouraged and at the same time the living conditions on-site can be improved.


We have noticed that retailers often promote the support of producers and their conditions of life, but no transparent numbers of their monetary or social aid to the local community is stated.

5 times FAIR TRADE

For every kilogram of our Shea Butter we sell, we invest additionally 1 Euro in sustainable projects within the community. These projects are chosen in conjunction with the community and shall foster social, environmental or economic initiatives.

In comparison with other Fair Trade Labels the amount that can be reinvested in the community is more than five times higher.


All projects selected will be illustrated by us in a transparent and visible mode. You are able to follow the progress of each project on our website.


This form of transparency and sustainable business is revolutionary within the natural cosmetic industry.