Our Shea & Care is a 100% pure unrefined organic skin care. It is unprocessed and therefore its natural effects can be preserved, as no solvents or chemicals have been added.


Terms and Conditions of Shea & Care

Shea & Care is a brand provided by Eco-Sense Products GmbH.


§1 General Applicability


All transactions are based on following general terms and conditions are applicable in its current version to any commercial relationship to our customers. All transactions are conducted under the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The following general terms and conditions are exclusive. Opposing terms cannot be accepted. Conditions presented by our customers and conflicting with ours can only be accepted if agreed otherwise to these in written form in each individual case.

§2. Sales Contract


2.1. The online shop is targeted to end users. Resellers can contact Shea & Care via e-mail to service@shea-and-Care. All published prices and goods are subject to change and without obligation. All prices are including VAT and exclusive transportation costs.

2.2. By sending an order via e-mail to Shea & Care, the customer presents a binding offer according to § 145 BGB. A sales contract comes into existence when Shea & Care accepts the customer's offer.

2.3. By placing the order in the online shop the customer will receive an e-mail confirmation stating that the order has been received and a sales contract comes into existence.

2.4. Errors are expected. Literal, technical and color changes are with reservations despite intense accuracy. We assume no liability for manufacturer data.

2.5. By placing an order either per mail or via the online-shop the customer gives a binding offer to purchase the goods.

2.6. The offer is accepted subject to availability of the ordered items. Shea & Care does not need to declare this acceptance to the client; the client waives such a declaration according to § 151 S. 1 BGB. All items offered at are generally available although in exceptional circumstances a particular item may be temporarily sold out. Shea & Care will inform the customer via e-mail about this immediately. If the unavailable items have already been paid for, the client will receive a full refund.


§3 Property reservation


3.1. Until full payment has been received all items remain the property of Shea & Care. Transfer of ownership, reselling, leasing, forfaiting, chattel mortgage, assimilate or any other act of disposal or change of appearance is forbidden without written acceptance by the seller.

3.2.The seller reserves the right at any contrary act of contract (especially as described in 3.1) as well as default of payment to terminate the contract and request to return the delivered goods at customers’ expense.

§4 Delivery


4.1. Shea & Care will dispatch the ordered items to the given address immediately after payment has been received. In case an article is temporary not available it will be dispatched at the soonest possible day. In each case shipping costs are calculated by weight and size displayed during the ordering process.

4.2. Specified delivery terms must be agreed in written form

4.3. In the event of force majeure, traffic or production delays, strikes or shortages in the commodities may delay the order process. After a delay of four weeks every party is entitled to terminate the contract.

4.4. If not all articles can be sent at one delivery, the seller is entitled to deliver in several trenches.

4.5. In case default of acceptance of the delivered goods thru the buyer, all risks related to the delivery are transferred to the buyer.


§5 Return policy


5.1. The customer has the right to return items without any specific reasons within 14 days upon receipt. Items have to be packed adequately and sent to:

Eco-Sense Products GmbH

c/o Im Combinat 56

Adams-Lehmann-Str. 56

80797 München




The customer must prove that the items have been sent back.

5.2. If the customer returns the goods without a specific reason the goods must be sent back in perfect condition. If the costumer cannot return the items in perfect condition, Shea & Care is entitled to receive compensation. If the items have already been paid for, Shea & Care is entitled to deduct this compensation from the refund. In certain cases this compensation may be the total price paid.

5.3. The costs for returning items are to be paid by the customer, except if the wrong items were shipped or if it can be proven that the items were not received in perfect condition.

5.4. The customer will receive a full refund for the items already paid for. Possible transaction fees may be deducted.


§6 Payment


6.1. Items offered on are available only against an advance payment with one of the payment options given during the ordering process. Order from outside Germany can only be paid via PayPal. PayPal fees are paid by Shea & Care and there are no extra fees for our clients. For more details about PayPal click here. If payment is not received within 10 days of ordering, the availability of the ordered items cannot be guaranteed.

6.2. The total price including shipping is payable from the moment the sales contract has been closed.


§7 Privacy statement


7.1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

Eco-Sense Products GmbH and Shea & Care are committed to protecting the privacy of customers shopping at, and to treating personal information as confidential. This privacy statement is based on various German laws, among them the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG - Federal law for data protection) and the Telekommunikationsgesetz (Telecommunication law). Personal information gathered from customers is used exclusively to process an order and to dispatch the articles ordered. Shea & Care assures customers that their personal information will not be handed on to third parties.

7.2. Correction and deletion of personal information

Customers can view, change and delete all personal information by sending e-mail to


§8 Place of performance


Place of performance for all goods and services rendered are the county of the seller. For all relations between seller and costumer outside Germany, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany apply.

§9 Jurisdiction, Severeabilitiy Clause


9.1. Court of jurisdiction is for all disputes the country of the seller.

9.2. In case a clause in this terms and conditions is null and void, all other clauses remain untouched. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany replace the void term.